What I offer my clients

  • Individual & couples psychotherapy

  • Phone consultations / support sessions

  • Bibliotherapy (therapy through reading)

  • Free email support for check-in questions and updates

  • Weekly ongoing group psychotherapy

  • Psychoeducational classes on problematic compulsive behavior

Thoughts on payment

My work with individual clients typically consists of weekly 50-minute sessions, while couples’ sessions can be 50 or 75 minutes. For crisis situations, I am able to offer 100-minute sessions. Other options are available as well.

Clients whose sessions are scheduled during peak hours pay a normal rate. For clients who are not able to afford that rate, I offer a reduced rate during off-peak hours.

Group rates are dependent upon the number of participants, and are negotiated at the time of group formation.

To make therapy more affordable, I offer the option of paying for 10 sessions up front at a 10% discount – the rough equivalent of getting one session for free. Please ask me about other payment options.


I am an out-of-network provider, and am happy to provide clients with statements to be submitted to their insurance companies for reimbursement.